What Coaches Are Saying

"Forrest Larson is proof that you can be a great teacher of the game no matter where you are.  I would send my son or daughter to the Take it To The Rim Basketball Camp in a New York Minute." - Dick Bennett, Former Wisconsin/Washington State Coach

"Forrest is one of the best I have ever seen working with young players improving their dribbling and ball handling skills.  Our staff and players always look foward to inviting him to the Iowa Basketball Camps each summer."

- Steve Alford UCLA Head Coach

"At the Take It To The Rim Basketball Camp you will use many of the
same drills that we use in our own individual instruction program.
The Take It To The Rim Basketball Camp is one of the best
instructional and skill development camps in the country. “If you are
serious about putting in the time and effort that it takes to become a
better basketball player; I would strongly recommend the Take It To
the Rim Basketball Camp be a part of your summer schedule.”

- Billy Donovan, Oklahoma City Thunder

“Coach Larson does an outstanding job of teaching player show to
build an effective ball handling program. Motivation,goal setting,
and intense drills are part of a productive package. He’s one of the
best teachers I’ve ever seen.”
Tom Davis, Former Head Coach
University of Iowa/Drake University

“Coach Larson not only taught me the skills and drills to become a
great ball handler,but also stressed the attitude and habits that have
resulted in my earning a college scholarship. I have encouraged
anyone who is passionate and committed to the game of basketball
to attend Forrest’s Camp. I couldn’t have done it with out him.”
Jesse Clark
Mankato State University


"If you are a head high school coach or youth basketball organization this program is an absolute must and will increase the skill level of your program."
Kevin Orr, Head Coach Rice Lake High School

"This is a well thought out and detailed plan on how to teach and develop basketball skills in young players.  Youth Basketball Development can be a very useful tool for any youth coach and especially those just starting out."
Scott Anderson, Former Head Coach Stevens Point Area Senior High

"As a high school basketball coach, I believe that developing your youth program is one of the most important steps when creating a consistent culture of skill building.  There's no doubt that this program will do just that.  It is well thought out with an easy to follow progression.  Our program will benefit greatly from this program!"
Keven Seim, Head Coach St. Croix Preparatory Academy

"The Youth Basketball Development Program is the perfect model for skill improvement in young players.  This is a "must have" for youth programs looking to make significant gains with their players and to support their youth coaches. This program also serves as a great resource for a parent who wants to get the most out of driveway hoops time with their son or daughter."
Cory Kreibich, Somerset Youth Basketball Director, Licensed Elementary Teacher

"I believe Youth Basketball Development is a great program for parents who are looking for a simplified approach to helping their children improve their basketball skills.  Fundamentals are essential for any great basketball player and Youth Basketball  Development provides parents with the tools to help develop these fundamentals."
Matt Siverling, Head Coach University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

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