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Forrest Larson has coached for 33 years on the high school level in the state of Wisconsin. He was recently awarded the prestigious Steven L. Randall Award by the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Association for integrity, passion and professionalism in teaching and coaching. In 2011 he was inducted into the Wisconsin Basketball Coach’s Hall of Fame. His 2007-2008 Badger team qualified for the state tournament and won Sectional, Regional and Lakeshore Conference championships. Previous to coaching at Lake Geneva Badger, Larson spent 15 years coaching in Ladysmith, WI. He was named the 2003 Wisconsin High School Coach of the Year. Under Larson Ladysmith made four trips to the state tournament winning the State Championship in 2003 and finishing second in 2002 and 1997. His teams won Heart of the North Conference Championships in ’92, ’94, ’95, ’97, ’02 and 2003. His 2015 Badger team won the Southern Lakes Conference Championship. The success of those teams was been based on their offensive perimeter skills. Coach Larson has spoken at over 150 basketball camps and clinics in 15 different states. He has produced four well known offensive skills DVD’s; Take It To The Rim, 100 Trips: The Full Court Workout, Getting Better With The Basketball, and Getting Better With The Basketball II. He is highly involved and directs the Take It To The Rim Camps in the Midwest with a tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm. 

What Coaches Are Saying

What Coaches Are Saying

"Forrest Larson is proof that you can be a great teacher of the game no matter where you are.  I would send my son or daughter to the Take it To The Rim Basketball Camp in a New York Minute."

- Dick Bennett, Former Wisconsin/Washington State Coach

"Forrest is one of the best I have ever seen working with young players improving their dribbling and ball handling skills.  Our staff and players always look forward to inviting him to the Iowa Basketball Camps each summer."

- Steve Alford Nevada Head Coach

"At the Take It To The Rim Basketball Camp you will use many of the same drills that we use in our own individual instruction program. The Take It To The Rim Basketball Camp is one of the best instructional and skill development camps in the country. “If you are serious about putting in the time and effort that it takes to become a better basketball player; I would strongly recommend the Take It To the Rim Basketball Camp be a part of your summer schedule.”

- Billy Donovan, Chicago Bulls

“Coach Larson does an outstanding job of teaching player show to build an effective ball handling program. Motivation,goal setting, and intense drills are part of a productive package. He’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen.”

- Tom Davis, Former Head Coach, University of Iowa/Drake University

“Coach Larson not only taught me the skills and drills to become a great ball handler, but also stressed the attitude and habits that have resulted in my earning a college scholarship. I have encouraged anyone who is passionate and committed to the game of basketball to attend Forrest’s Camp. I couldn’t have done it with out him.”

- Jesse Clark, Mankato State University


"If you are a head high school coach or youth basketball organization this program is an absolute must and will increase the skill level of your program."

- Kevin Orr, Head Coach Rice Lake High School


"This is a well thought out and detailed plan on how to teach and develop basketball skills in young players.  Youth Basketball Development can be a very useful tool for any youth coach and especially those just starting out."

- Scott Anderson, Former Head Coach Stevens Point Area Senior High

“Coach Larson has worked with our Hamilton High School program in the fall for the last 6 years (16 years with our entire program).  He has worked on skill development which includes ball handling vs. pressure, attacking the basket and different ways of finishing.  Our basketball readiness has improved drastically over the years.  The skill work has improved the confidence in our players and their decision making with the basketball.  The attention to detail and the teaching of drills make Coach Larson the best in the business.  The implementation of his teaching throughout our program has really helped our program take that next step.  If you have a chance to have Coach Larson work with your program, you will be better because of it.”  

- Andy Cerroni, Sussex Hamilton 2018 State Semi Finalist

“Simply put, the Take It To The Rim camp is the best skills development I have seen.  Forrest Larson does a tremendous job of teaching campers offensive skills and gives them the drills necessary to master the skill.  Forrest emphasizes work ethic and attitude as well.  If you are serious about improving your game, this is the camp for you.”

- Scott Bergman, Sauk Centre, MN 2018 State Champs (2017-18 Record, 33-0)



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